Heavy Metal, Vikings and MTG Cards

MTG Kaldheim: Week of Metal Cards Revealed

Kaldheim mtg set

Kaldheim New MTG Set (Image Credit: WoTC)

MTG Arena is going full metal with its new viking themed set! Planeswalkers will collect cards from the new world of Kaldheim. What makes this worthy of heavy metal, you might ask? Stick around and find out exactly what the Kaldheim Week of Metal entails and which new cards were revealed!

In a unique promo/collaboration, various heavy metal bands will team up with Wizards of the Coast, the makers of MTG, to promote new cards that will be released later next year. Kaldheim is slotted for a January 5 release, but there will be plenty of chances to play/watch it before then.

Mtg kaldheim release sch

Kaldheim release schedule (Image Credit: WoTC)

A great lineup of international heavy metal bands has been arranged: We already saw promos from American Rockers Mastodon (a great band I must add), Brazilian Metal Heads Angra and American Stoner Metal Heads Torche. A great lineup, that will be joined by even more bands later this week.

With more great bands getting promos, we will also get new cards: Mastodon previewed that the DFC land cards will complete the cycle by bringing the rest of the color combinations in Kaldheim. The enemy colors will finally get the double-face card treatment.

Kaldheim doubled faced land MTG

A full set of Enemy Color Lands will be in Kaldheim (Image Credit: WoTC)

“Raise Your Axes” is the tagline for Kaldheim, and, of course, dad jokes fit well with dad rock. But I guess when your card game is older than some of its players, you need to appeal to the older fans from time to time as well. Here's hoping the next MTG set does some fresh collabs – 6ix9ine or Lil Uzi Vert, anyone? Kidding. Or... are we...?

Late to gaming news? No worries, we are always in the EarlyGame! Check out more great gaming content like MTGA Historic Meta Decks – December 2020.

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