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Ten whole realms and their denizens await

MTG: All Races and Places in Kaldheim Revealed!

Kaldheim races and realms explained
Is this an elf, a spirit, a fox, a werewolf, or a treefolk? Yes. (Credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Kaldheim is almost upon us with all of its heavy metal epicness and Norse mythology inspiration! Drawing heavily from Scandinavian myth, this epic Magic: The Gathering world is… in fact, at least 10 different worlds! And every one of them comes with a sweet tribe that inhabits it. Here’s what we know so far!

From what we’ve seen so far, mechanically speaking, Kaldheim is all about creatures, combat effects, and interesting utility in combat. The set itself is divided into 10 regions, conveniently separated into color pairs. However, unlike the Ravnica guilds, these ones have one dominant creature type that’s heavily associated with it, as well as a cool Kaldheim name. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look!

Kaldheim ten realms explained
Here’s a glimpse of every realm and the World Tree uniting them (Credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Istfell is the white-blue realm. It’s pleased low by the roots of the World Tree and covered in thick mist. Naturally, it is home to the spirits of the brave soldiers who fall in battle.

If you thought that’s spooky, wait until you see Karfell, the blue-black realm of the draugr. You’ve played Skyrim, so you know exactly what these are.

Immersturm is the black-red the land of fire, demons, and WAR! It’s like Rakdos, but with Vikings. Lots of Vikings.

If red-green is more your thing, then go to Gnottvold. These highlands are marked by hills, mountains, and thick forests inhabited by - what else! - trolls.

If green-white is your jam, then so would be Bretagard. Honestly, these colors are a bit boring, and so is the race inhabiting this region - good old humans.

If you hear white-blue and think of sphinxes, paladins, and boring politicians, remember one thing - this isn’t Ravnica! This is Starnheim, home of the badass angels known as Valkyries!

The blue-red realm is simply known as Surtland. It is completely covered in snow, but instead of winter sports facilities, all you’ll find here are big and ugly frost giants!

Kaldheim creatures explained
Here’s how all these creatures look like! (Credit: Wizards of the Coast)

If Golgari is more your style and black and green is what gets you going, you should visit Skemfar, evil forest home of wood and shadow elves. Think Lorwyn/Shadowmoor, but with fewer horns and a lot more beards!

The red-white realm is called Axgard, the home of the dwarves. Wizards didn’t even try with this one.

The green-blue land is poetically named Littjara, and much like Finland, this kingdom is known for beautiful lakes and pine woods. Unlike Finland, though, the locals are Shapeshifters, which means they are all of the other races at the same time and also GOATS!

We don’t know about you, but all of these look really awesome and our hands are itching to get all the cards representing these amazing creatures. And we haven’t even mentioned the gods yet! You’ll have to come back in a day or two for this, wink-wink!

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