A Rogue deck in more ways than one

Go Rogue! How To Win At MTGA Like Seth Manfield

Go Rogue How To Win At MTGA Like Seth Manfieleld

A new top deck is soaring through the meta! (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Looking for a post-Omnath deck to play? Look no further, ‘cuz it’s time to go Rogue! Put on your mask, grab that grappling hook and let’s steal some victories from all the suckers still wondering what to play in the rapidly-changing Standard meta!

Seth Manfield hardly needs an introduction at this point. He has been making headlines with amazing gameplay and out-of-the-box deckbuilding recently and his memorable appearance in the recent Grand Finals was just the cherry on top of it all. Sure, he ultimately lost to an Omnath deck, but let’s finally close this can of worms and focus on the good stuff. Namely, rogues.

The Rogue List

1 Lurrus of the Dream-Den

2 Agadeem's Awakening
2 Bloodchief's Thirst
2 Castle Locthwain
4 Clearwater Pathway
1 Cling to Dust
4 Drown in the Loch
4 Frantic Inventory
4 Heartless Act
4 Into the Story
4 Island
2 Lofty Denial
2 Mystical Dispute
2 Silundi Vision
4 Soaring Thought-Thief
3 Swamp
4 Temple of Deceit
4 Thieves' Guild Enforcer
4 Vantress Gargoyle
4 Zagoth Triome

3 Agonizing Remorse
1 Bloodchief's Thirst
1 Cling to Dust
1 Eliminate
4 Lullmage's Domination
2 Lurrus of the Dream-Den
1 Mystical Dispute
2 Negate
1 Skyclave Shade

The Rogue Strat

You’ve probably noticed that this Rogue deck hardly contains any rogues! That’s because it makes them count. This is a mill-focused deck that tries to bump up the opponent’s graveyard fast and then pummel it with beefed-up creatures like Vantress Gargoyle and some good old Rogue synergy.

The tribal sub-theme is here simply as an enabler rather than the sole focus of the deck like… goblins? Um, dragons? When was the last time we had a proper tribal deck in Standard, really? Anyway, you get the point.

If you decide to give it a go, keep in mind that this deck is tricky to play. You’ll need to channel your inner Hall of Famer and get your timing right, but when you do, it will be a sight to behold. Good luck!

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