Sultai is taking over MTG Standard!

MTGA: Standard's 'New Best' Deck?

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Sultai Ramp the new deck to beat! (Image credit: WoTC)

A new deck is starting to dominate MTG's Standard format and has placed Top 8 in several qualifies on the SCG and Redbull Untapped tournament circuit. Today we take a look at Sultai Ramp and its strategy, so you too can dominate your games on MTGA.

After several of the most powerful cards in Standard were hit by the WoTC ban hammer earlier this month. Sultai Ramp emerged as Standard's clear deck to beat and has recently crushed an SCG Online Championship Qualifier:

Soon there will be a massive rotation in MTGA and several magic sets will leave the standard format on September 17. Before that happens, make one last push to the top of the Mythic Ladder on MTGA and play with this powerhouse deck: Sultai Ramp. You can find a list of the deck here, thanks to the newly popular tournament hosting website MTG Melee.

If you want to compete in the online MTGA tournament scene, we suggest you check out the Redbull Untapped Tournament series:


If you play in any of these weekly tournaments on MTGA, you best be ready to face this deck. Let's take a look at the core strategy of Sultai Ramp. It centers on three main cards, with several cards that support its game plan: control the early game and then play big threats that generate life, land, and card advantage.

Sultai Ramps Core Cards:

  • Nissa, Who Shakes the World
  • Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath
  • Hydroid Krasis

The all-star here is the planeswalker Nissa who doubles all your green mana sources - this lets you cast a huge Hydroid Krasis or Escape multiples of Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath. With these huge creatures in play, the game ends quickly unless your opponent has an answer to your threat. Even if they do, you simply escape or cast another big threat again because Hydroid Krasis help you draw more of itself!

Sultai Ramp also plays these cards to defend itself:

  • Thought Erasure
  • Aether Gust
  • Negate

The deck also plays 27 lands to achieve it's big mana goals in the mid to late game. Sultai Ramp's weakness will be any all-in aggressive decks like mono-red, so the sideboard contains four copies of Heartless Act to counter Aggro decks.

Nissa, Who Shakes the World (Image credit: WoTC)

With High Power Comes High Costs...

Another weakness of Sultai Ramp lies outside of the battlefield. The deck has a lot of mythic and rare cards in it - so if you have none of these cards in your MTGA Collection and wish to play this deck you will need: 30 Rare Wild cards and 13 Mythic Wild Cards.

Good luck on the Mythic ladder, and may your top decks be strong!

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