Looks like paper Magic’s problems are far from over

Wizards Announce Zendikar Rising Delays

Wizard announce zendikar rising delay

We’ll be seeing less of these in game stores in the first weeks of Zendikar Rising (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Yet another delay is plaguing the paper Magic community. After the rough launch of the otherwise celebrated Jumpstart release, the newest Standard expansion will have distribution issues in-game stores everywhere.

Looks like the COVID-19-related production issues are far from resolved in Wizards of the Coast printing facilities. As reported by the company in a short statement, both Zendikar Rising and Commander Legends Collector Boosters won’t be meeting therelease dates they announced initially.

According to the large MTG store Card Kingdom, Zendikar boxes will be distributed to game stores, but only at about 50% of the initially expected quantities. This is really bad news for small card shop owners who’ve had enough of a hard time selling paper Magic as it is. The combination of full-art lands, a few hype cards, and less supply will most likely also lead to price hikes, at least until shipments are back to normal. This is exactly what happened with Jumpstart as well, putting a taint in an otherwise great product.

As for Commander boosters, the delay will only affect the luxurious Collector edition, probably due to the production issues on the foiling side of things.

While it’s sad to see the paper release of Zendikar struggling, this in no way affects the digital release, so MTG Arena players will be playing Zendikar Sealed right on time.

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