MTG Arena Mobile With First Official Preview

It’s real and it’s coming soon
And here’s our first look (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

After many months of silence, Wizards of the Coast reassure that MTGA is coming to mobile very soon and flashes the first official preview of what the app will look like.

Fans of MTGA have been asking for multiple platforms to play their favorite digital card game ever since the thing was initially announced. Currently, it supports PC and Mac, if only through the Epic Store version of the client.

However, this is about to change very soon. EarlyGame readers already knew that a mobile app for MTGA is in the works ever since we reported it back in April, but no word has been officially spoken to the subject ever since.

This changed in the nicely produced The Zendikar Adventuring Party video that Wizards put out to hype up the upcoming Zendikar Rising set. In the very end, hosts Jimmy Wong (of Command Zone fame) and Becca Scott (of Geek and Sundry fame) are joined by the renowned esports commentator, streamer, and card game enthusiasts Sean [Day9] Plott who flashes his new toy on screen - MTG Arena Mobile!

The two start asking questions like does it have Zendikar, but both hosts and audience are left hanging with a generic “coming soon” announcement.

We do know that the app is coming in 2020, and Wizards must be feeling pretty comfortable with their development process if they are already talking about the thing. In typical Wizards fashion though, we’ll have to wait just a bit longer for the official release date, beta, and other vital information.

Of course, EarlyGame will keep you up to date.

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