New trio tournament in Fortnite

MrSavage Cup starts today - register quickly!

MrSavage Cup

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It will be the second Fortnite tournament for trios. The MrSavage Cup starts in a few hours - and anyone who wants to participate should register quickly! Here is all the information you need about the event.

All good things come in threes, even in Fortnite. The current Fortnite tournament is aimed at trios who have to collect as many kills and points as possible in just a few hours. But how exactly does the event work?

Everything about the MrSavage tournament

The event starts today, June 30, at 4 p.m. with the first round. From there, the trios collect points in various matches. The best 500 then advance to round 2, which also takes place today. The event is supposed to end at 11:00 p.m. The winners can look forward to 10,000 Euro in prize money, how cool is that!

Are you playing?

Who can participate?

Any Fortnite player can easily register for the event as long as they have two friends fighting alongside them. Even Ninja can play!

It is the second Fortnite event of this kind because various players and teams have already fought for victory in the Amar Trios Cup. And who got it? None other than MrSavage himself, with his teammates benjyfishy and LeTsHe. From winner to organizer, it can be that fast.

You can register here for the MrSavage cup here!

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