Here is who's strong in LoL Patch 9.23

Most OP champions in League of Legends Patch 9.23

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LoL Patch 9.23 OP champions pre-seasion shakeup

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Need to find out what lanes will get you climbing the solo queue ladder in League of Legends? We’ve got you covered! Let’s look at the most OP champions after LoL patch 9.23 is out.

LoL Preseason Shakeup

Welcome to preseason! Riot’s current addition to Patch 9.23 includes some serious shakeups in the Summoners’ Rift. For all you League of Legends fanatics out there who need all the details, you can find a full rundown of the patch notes here. Those of you who need that extra head start on the competition, a full preseason rundown video by Riot Games will get you up to speed:

LoL preseason 2020 Spotlight Gameplay (Video credit: Riot Games)

Get your carry pants on we’re going to Summoner’s Rift

The methodology behind the tier lists is a compilation of community played picks, what top professional players are playing and what top Challenger players are playing in their respective roles. Of course, the champions you see here will always drop and go up tiers as and when new patches come out, which, we will keep you updated on the next patch rundown. These champions are in no particular order.

Top Tier List:

  • God Pick: Urgot, Riven, Kled, Garen, Dr. Mundo, Mordekaiser
  • Great: Shen, Darius, Nasus, Quinn, Singed, Fiora, Illoai
  • Good:Yasuo, Rumble, Jax, Sion, Rengar, Maokai, Ryze

Jungle Tier List:

  • God Pick: Ekko, Warwick, Vi, Master Yi, Dr. Mundo, Nocturne, Lee Sin
  • Great: Jax, Zac, Olaf, Rek’Sai, Shyvana, Trundle
  • Good: Hecarin, Rammus, Kayne, Kindred

Mid Tier List:

  • God Pick: Fizz, Diana, Riven, Ekko, Morgana,
  • Great: Yasuo, Annie, Swain, Vel’Koz, Veigar, Lux, Katarina
  • Good: Galio, Kayle, Vladimir, Cassiopeia, Twisted Fate, Talon, Neeko

ADC Tier List:

  • God Pick: Jhin, Senna, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Yasuo
  • Great: Xayah, Tristana, Draven, Vayne
  • Good: Varus, Twitch, Kalista, Lucian, Graves

Support Tier List:

  • God Pick: Thresh, Pyke, Janna, Brand, Leona, Nautilus, Shaco
  • Great: Xerath, Swain, Morgana, Taric, Blitzcrank, Senna
  • Good: Lulu, Alistar, Neeko, Karma, Fiddlesticks

These lists can and will most likely change when the next patch rolls around. Until then, this should keep you busy for the time being! Now, go get those pentakills champ. We believe in you!

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