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The Most Anticipated PS5 Games


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The newest generation of gaming consoles are about to hit the market. With the new PS5, Sony brings the long-desired successor of the almighty PS4 on the market. Even with the new console not even out – reveals and rs of next-generation titles are coming non-stop. Many fans can‘t await the new PlayStation 5 since a lot of trailers have already shown off its awesome graphics. Even if the release of the PS5 is still a bit away, many reveals, and teasers have already hit the scene.

There is no doubt that Sony will try to launch their new next-gen console for the Holidays with a sufficiently high quantity of games. The PS5‘s final release is currently estimated for mid-November. An official confirmation has not yet been made but should follow in the near future.

In terms of games, there are already a lot of confirmations of smaller games and AAA titles. Some games will be launched together with the console as always. Besides Fifa 21 and Fortnite, there will also be some PS5 exclusive games that will be released simultaneously or at a later date. So the console war goes into the next round and honestly - somehow, we missed it. Playing Nathan Drake on the XBOX? Sounds weird, doesnt it? Instead, both consoles are once again relying on exclusive titles for their consoles, including Forza Motorsport for XBOX and its Playstation counterpart Gran Turismo. The racing simulations of both consoles should be available on the market as soon as possible after release. Of course, there are plenty of games, which will be available on both XBOX and PS5. Announcements and teasers for new games are coming in rapid succession. Have you already chosen your favorite upcoming PS5 game? In our top list we have selected some of the hottest PS5 titles. But take care – seeing these awesome games might make you want to bust your bank wide open.


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