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The Xbox Mini-Fridge Is Now Real

Xbox Mini-fridge Now Real
Microsoft is thinking about everything you need to cool while gaming. (Credit: Microsoft/Lamarr Wilson)

Remember when everyone memed about the Xbox Series X looking like a fridge? Then Microsoft actually released a real fridge, thus making the meme come to life. Usually, you'd expect it to be over but now we have the Xbox mini-fridge.

Not too long ago when everyone was still expecting the official release of the next-gen consoles, gamers were poking fun at the new design of both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. One looked like a router, and the other like a mini-fridge.

Xbox Series X PS5 Mini-fridge Router
We can totally understand the references. (Credit: Sony/Microsoft)

Then the consoles got released and Microsoft decided to meme onward with an actual fridge. 

You probably thought the joke was over right? Wrong. Microsoft aren't done yet as they're now releasing an actual mini-fridge - the original.

The Xbox Mini-Fridge

To make the reveal even better, the announcement of the Xbox mini-fridge came from no other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson himself. If you told us five years ago that there'll be an Xbox mini-fridge with The Rock presenting it you'd be laughed off. Today, well...

Johnson's clip was more like a teaser of the actual thing but then he sent the mini-fridge to Lamarr Wilson who did a short review of it.

Jokes aside, the Xbox mini-fridge seems legit and a lot of people might actually get one if it's available to the public and not just to influencers. What are your thoughts on it? Will you get the mini-fridge if given the chance? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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