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Here comes a juicy selection...

Coming to Xbox Game Pass: Code Vein, Monster Hunter: World, & More!

Xbox Game Pass Monster Hunter Cold Vein
Check out the really great selection of new games on Xbox Game Pass. (Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has announced the latest batch of games that will be joining Xbox Game Pass. They will be adding some fantastic titles to an already great collection, including eight new games between now and February 25. Boy-oh-boy, this is a far-reaching array of fantastic video games!

Dear EarlyGamers, we love bringing you the sweetest deals and hottest info. So, without further ado, let's get to the new games on Xbox Game Pass. YAY!

We have to briefly emphasize again: the new selection is really strong. You'll find so many different games that there MUST be at least one game for you! See for yourself...

Monster Hunter: World (Cloud) - Now Available!

We'll start right off with one of the biggest highlights. Some people (including myself) would argue that Monster Hunter: World is one of the best games of the last console generation. The consistently spectacular monster hunting is filled with terrific combat, beautiful environments, and a totally motivating upgrade system. If you still need convincing to play this masterpiece IMMEDIATELY, check out a trailer!

Cold Vein (PC) - February 18

Cold Vein was dubbed an anime Dark Souls upon release, and honestly, not without reason. The borrowings from the modern classic are pretty bloody obvious, but before you groan of boredom: you'd better give the game a chance. It might not be the greatest masterpiece of the genre, but it's still a very fun action-adventure, with a chic style, and some cool ideas.

Wreckfest (PC, Console, & Cloud) - February 18

Wreckfest is one of two racing games in this list, and it may be the better of the two. That's because of the game's unique damage system, where you can rally iron cars down to the point where they will fit in your pocket. The game is a must-have for those who rammed toy cars into each other as kids (heh). The thump of the cars, and the driving experience, is fun for hours, and makes Wreckfest a game you should definitely check out, especially as part of the Xbox Game Pass.

Killer Queen Black (Console & Cloud) - February 23

We'd like to highlight this indie game once again. At first glance, Killer Queen Black looks a bit... strange. But, believe me: the 4v4 game is insanely fun. You fight with your team for your hive, and have to fend off aggressive bee enemies. If all this sounds a bit too weird for you, Killer Queen Black is one of the best multiplayer games around, and once you understand the gameplay, you won't want to put the controller down.

Everything Else!

We're not quite done with all the games yet, we still have a few treasures for you. You should definitely check out these four games as well, because they definitely deserve it:

  • Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition (Cloud and Console) - February 18: A great CRPG from Obsidian. Great for fans of games like Baldur's Gate.
  • Elite: Dangerous (Console) - February 25: A beautiful space simulator that will give you a very unique experience!
  • Dirt 5 (Cloud, Console, & PC) - February 25: The aforementioned second racing game. Not the best part of the series, but still a very fun racer!
  • Superhot: Mind Control Delete (PC) - February 25: A nice spin-off of the indie hit. If you liked Superhot, you'll get more of the same here.

And that's it, friends. As we said, we think that the selection is really strong, Microsoft ending February for Xbox Game Pass with a bang. We highly recommend every single game here, and for the low price Xbox Game Pass is asking, you really can't go wrong.


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