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Valheim Guide: Bonemass, the Wishbone & the Silver

Valheim Bonemass
Bonemass is a blubbery babe. (Credit: Iron Gate AB)

Valheim is here, and we are in love. The question on all of our minds, however, is what's the deal with Bonemass? Oh, and what is the Wishbone, and how can I find silver ore? Well, lucky that you've found us, because we're here to help, with our latest Valheim Guide.

Before we begin, we just want to pay our respects. Yes, Bonemass is an adorable looking troll...thing. But, he's gone a bit crazy and, we warn you, when you get close he will try to clobber you. The swamps might be warm and moist, but we tell you what, you won't be having much fun here at all. With that disgusting image in your mind, it's time to jump in.

moist simpsons

Oh no, it's Bonemass!

Alright, writing guides like this can come across a tad stale, so we're going to try to make this as humorous as possible, whilst still giving you the information you came here for. So, think of Bonemass kind of like your Grandpa: blunt about his views, but weak to bluntness himself. Yeah, that one fell flat, but we'll keep trying – Bonemass is weak to blunt damage.

What does a twelve-pound steak and Bonemass have in common? They will both take a beating if you hit them with an iron mace. So, yeah, use an iron mace – or another melee weapon with high blunt damage. There's no point in using ranged weaponry, unless you have frost arrows. Those things freeze the moisture pretty quick.

It looks like a really beautiful PS3 game. (Credit: Iron Gate AB)

The main thing about taking on Bonemass is persistence, and poison resistance meads. The fact is that, unless you go after him with a blunt weapon, and are fully stocked up on some of that tasty mead, you ain't going to last this fight. Oh, and make sure you really are stocked up on this delicious liquid – like four of them at least! Trust us...

The Wishbone

Woop-de-doo! You guessed it, why the f**k did we choose to lump these bad-boys together? Well, that one's not hard to explain. They are linked! SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Once you beat Bonemass, he will drop the Wishbone, and you can pick the damn thing up. But what does it do?

Well, that's where the silver comes in, silly! Once activated, the Wishbone will allow you to find hidden treasures around the game-world. You will see some glowing spikes coming out of your body when you get close to hidden treasure, and you better have a shovel... cause you gotta dig the bloody thing up!

Oh, and in typical video-game fashion, there will be a beeping sound that will speed up as you get closer to the treasure. Be prepared for a chest with cool s**t, or possibly silver ore. Win-win, right? So, the moral of the story is that you should always kill big blob monsters in swamps. It will be worth your while, we promise you.


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