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Twitch Introduces Brand Safety Score For Streamers

Twitch goes full-on China with a social credit system
Another interesting decision by Twitch. (Credit: Twitch)

Twitch might be making some big changes soon by adding a social credit system that will rate each streamer. Here's all we know so far.

Bad news could be on the way for any Twitch streamers that are targeting more mature audiences. With the introduction of a "Brand Safety Score" things will change for a lot of people on the platform.

What's the Brand Safety Score

Think about the social credit system in China, which similarly rates individuals based on various factors. The rating of Twitch streamers will be determined by things like:

  • Age: Whether a streamer is 18+, 21+ or not
  • Manual rating given by Twitch staff
  • Ban history
  • The relationship the streamer has with Twitch
  • Automod: Whether or not automod is enabled and what level it is.Partnership status
  • The ESRB rating of the game being played
  • Whether or not the stream is set to mature or not

What does it mean for streamers?

At first glance, it's not looking good. Not too long ago Twitch had to fire Hassan Bokhari, an employee which abused power to get sexual favors from streamers. There's no guarantee some people won't be affected negatively by this new system. Streamers with a high score will get more ads on their channel and a wider range of bounties (Twitch's board for paid sponsorships).

One of the more troubling factors in the brand safety score is the manual rating given by Twitch staff. Who knows how that'll be determined? Another one is whether a streamer has set their stream to mature or not. Overall, what's missing is transparency and that can be easily fixed by Twitch if they decide so. Still, a lot of questions remain. We're not saying it's all going to be bad but it sure looks like it for now.


On a final note, Twitch can easily implement a system that will give every streamer on the platform a score but it's just impossible to improve upon the constant DMCA strikes. In the past, we've already seen tons of content getting deleted due to a claim. Why? Because that's the easier and safer option for Twitch.

Twitch DMCA
DMCA strikes are something common on the platform. (Credit: Twitch)

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