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Top 5 Funniest Video Games

Portal 2

These cuddly robots provided some laughs for us all! (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

As much as we love video games, one thing has to be admitted: they’re not always the best at being genuinely funny. Often, they only succeed in a slight grimace. Nevertheless, there are a number of games that have given us thigh-slapping laughs – sometimes more, sometimes less voluntarily. So here we present our Top 5 funniest games!

This list is nowhere near extensive enough to include all of the funniest games. We’re focusing here on a few classics, personal favorites, and one unintentionally hilarious entry that we want to start you off with right away!

Resident Evil

Resident Evil drifted into some completely wacky territory at some point before making their return with the new remakes. Like the latest remakes, the earlier games were really creepy, atmospheric and lent on horror tropes quite heavily. The story was based on trashy 80s movies, and therefore quite silly.

Where the game gets really wonderfully stupid and funny, though, is with the original English voice acting. This is so terrible that you can’t stop laughing at every sentence. This is a classic example of the kind of botched translations, and poor-quality dubbing, that were ubiquitous at the time.

Video credit: Nicholas Azzilonna via YouTube/Konami

Portal/Portal 2

Portal and Portal 2 are not just great platformers with clever puzzles, great design and very fun gameplay. They’re also super funny. The writing is clever and hilarious in both games, with Portal 2 particularly shining with a fantastic cast of characters.

From Wheatley, Cave Johnson or Atlas & P-Body in the fantastic co-op mode, the game features a range of very funny characters. The undisputed hero, however, is GLaDOS, the cynical AI that rushes you through the gauntlet. Really fantastic writing and voice acting.

Video credit: boomse via YouTube/Valve Corporation


The Yakuza games have been gaining popularity in the West for a few years now, and rightfully so. These games are unique and fantastic adventures in the Japanese gangster milieu. This is not only because of the great, dramatic stories but also because of the wacky and whimsical humor that constantly surprises and sometimes disturbs players.

In every Yakuza game and spinoffs like Judgement, it’s the side stories and mini-games that constantly provide laughs. If you like wacky humor from Japan, you have to check out these games!

Video credit: Norman Packernickle via YouTube/Sega

Grand Theft Auto

GTA is known for its vulgar, sometimes more, sometimes less clever American humor, and deserves to be mentioned in a list like this. Especially the almost endless number of funny sayings, stories, commercials, etc. It’s always amazing! The witty writing makes up a lot of the sandbox fun in the legendary series.

Credit: OmRobby via YouTube/Rockstar Games

Monkey Island

To finish off this list, an absolute classic: Monkey Island! This is meant to represent the entire series (and the point-and-click genre).

These games are chock-full of likeable, silly and whimsical humor. The hilarious adventures of the clumsy pirate Guybrush Threepwood may seem a bit dated today, but they’re still worth a look (and a laugh)!

Credit: Dominic B / Lucasarts / Telltale Games via YouTube

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