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Well, that's bizarre...

Was The Sinking City Hacked by Its Own Publisher?

the sinking city publisher vs developer
The ongoing dispute between Nacon and Frogwares is taking crazy proportions. (Credit: Nacon)

The Sinking City was recently released on Steam, but against the will of its developers. They are, in fact, in a legal battle with publisher Nacon, who had allegedly hacked the game so that they could release it. What the f**k?

It might not really be a game that would make a lot of waves — not bad, not exciting — but the situation that has developed around the game is quite the opposite. Developer Frogwares is advising customers to not purchase the game, claiming that the publisher has hacked the game!

What is The Sinking City Controversy All About?

The Sinking City was actually released in June 2019, but a year later, the game was suddenly removed from digital platforms like Steam. The developer, Frogwares, accused its own publisher of underpaying and sending false reports.

Publisher Nacon didn't admit it, and the whole thing went to court. The court decided that Frogwares should not have terminated the contract with publisher, but despite of this, Frogwares were allowed to retail the rights to the game's content.

Allegedly, the publisher demanded that Frogwares give them the game's code, but they didn't. In January of 2021, however, the game reappeared on Steam, only to disappear again. Well, this is confusing...

Which Version of The Sinking City is on Steam Now?

The version of The Sinking City that has landed back on Steam is not the same as before. The version on Steam is older, with fewer features: the base game, with no DLC, online functionality, or Achievements.

What's the Proof?

In a video released by Frogwares, it is shown why this version of the game is not the one they developed. It is explained that the publishers acquired a version, and hacked it to re-release The Sinking City. Check it out, it's really interesting. Oh, and most people are on the developer's side...they are pretty easy to sympathize with here!

Where Can I Find the Real Version of The Sinking City?

According to the developers, the original version of the game can still be found on Gamesplanet, EA Origin, PS5 (digitally) and Nintendo Switch. As mentioned before, they do not recommend buying the version on Steam.

Heavy story, isn't it? We are curious to see what will happen next with The Sinking City, and if Frogwares will ever get their game back in full...


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