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Looks like The Division, plays like The Last of Us?

Brand New Survival Game Is Basically The Last Of Us MMO


A new zombie, post-apocalyptic survival MMO was announced: The Day Before. If you haven't seen it yet, it's basically The Division meets The Last of Us. Seriously. Not that we're complaining... that's a good thing.

You probably don't need us to tell you how a basic zombie survival game is made: You take New York, you put some abandoned cabs on the overgrown streets, with a couple crumbling buildings here and there and a grey color palette. That's basically The Day Before – a new survival MMO made by FNTASTIC. You remember the very first The Division trailer from way back? Yup, that's basically what this is. We're not kidding...:

The Day Before new survival MMO
Can I copy your homework? Yes, but don't make it obvious. (Credit: Mein-MMO / FNTASTIC / Ubisoft)

Why We're Hyped About The Day Before

Because it's a zombie survival MMO. Let's face it: There can never be enough of those. Not until somebody gets it right. Yes, you can enjoy your 1999 graphics Rust, but some of us want something more polished. The Day Before actually looks like The Last of Us and from what little gameplay we saw, it looks sick.

Now, Cyberpunk & CDPR gave us blue balls that forever scarred us and make this hype come with a 'caution' label, but: The gameplay looks crisp, the graphics are great, the world looks fulfilled and did we mention the graphics yet? They're good. Also, the game has really nice graphics. In fact, we were particularly impressed by the graphics, with beautiful Ray Tracing and details everywhere.

Actually, why read all this, when you can just watch it:

Now we've had our fair share of cool MMO trailers with actors talking in-character to scripted scenarios and all that, but... we can't help but be hyped. Yes the reality is that no one in-game is gonna talk like that. There's gonna be babies crying, food crunching and awkward singing with the odd background screams of bloody murder here and there, but still...

The graphics.

The Day Before: What We Can Learn From the Trailer

The Day Before New Zombie Survival MMO
The graphics though. (Credit: FNTASTIC)

Being a survival MMO, the game is obviously best experienced with friends. We can also see that there are PvP elements, as well as PvE elements in the form of the zombies, which they call the Infected. Off-topic: Why does everybody come up with random alternative names instead of just calling them zombies? We'll never understand. Anyway:

The Day Before is in third person and employs a cover-system like every modern third person game. In terms of time to kill, the game seems to be more on the hardcore side: A couple bullets do the trick. It'll be interesting if this remains true for PvP. There's also your standard 'bandaging-to-stop-the-bleeding' mechanic, so there's obviously some more serious survival elements to this.

The Day Before New Zombie Survival MMO
Did we mention the graphics yet? (Credit: FNTASTIC)

How hardcore will The Day Before be? Is it one life per character? Do you spawn? Is there any base building? Are there other game modes other than just an open world? We don't know. We hope it is that open world zombie survival game that The Division was supposed to be: Everybody constantly in one world, just trying to survive.

So far the game looks promising and if you are unsure about the graphics: They're great (did we mention that?). In the trailer you also see the character needing a flashlight, zombies properly reacting to sound and the whole world and buildings look quite interactive. But: Cautionary hype my friends. Cautionary hype.


The Day Before Release Date & Platform

The game will be released in the second quarter of 2021 and so far it is only planned to be released via Steam. That means that, as of now, The Day Before is only announced for the PC. There is no word on a PS4, PS5 or Xbox Series X|S version.

Here's hoping it also releases for the 3DS.

That was a joke, because you know what the 3DS could never handle...:

The graphics.

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