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The Best Games of 2020


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2020 sucked. There’s no other way to put it. But one industry that still thrived was the gaming industry and you can see that, with the games that were put out this year.

Whether it was The Last of Us: 2 that suddenly became a lot scarier in 2020 or Animal Crossing, which helped all of us escape reality and find a little bit of peace in this madness, everyone got something this year that they loved.

Still, 2020 surely would have been an even better year if Miss Rona hadn’t suddenly appeared. So that brings up the question… what will 2021 be like in terms of games? Graphically, you’d think it can’t get much better than Ghost of Tsushima and the likes, but we thought that every year so… let’s not get too much into that. All we can say is: these games helped us through 2020 and we’re thankful for it.

Now: to 2021 and all the great games that will be released. We’re looking forward to it.

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