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‘South Park Guy’ Jarod Lee Nandin Passes Away – WoW & South Park Cosplay Legend


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Unfortunately there is nothing nice, happy or funny about today's news piece: Jarod Lee Nandin passed away due to complications with COVID 19...

The coronavirus took another life and this time it was that of a legend within the gaming community: Known as NWBZPWNR from his World of Warcraft days, Jarod was also an avid Overwatch fan, an anime enthusiast and a South Park legend: Most people know him from portraying He Who Has No Life, from the South Park episode 'Make Love, not Warcraft'.

What else is there to say... this is a real life that was lost and thus it is so much more than a mere news piece. Rest in Peace Jarod, first and foremost. Thank you for all the laughs and know that you will forever be immortalized in your cosplay craft.

To the loved ones having to deal with this tragedy: You have our deepest condolences. Lives should not end this early, and it is terrible to see a young man take to Twitter to document his Corona illness, to then see said life end a couple days later. Truly, we are sorry for your loss. Though we didn't know Jarod personally, his internet-presence connected us to him.

To those still not taking the coronavirus seriously: Please take this as yet another warning. This virus is dangerous even when you think it isn't. It takes all of us to come together in discipline to defeat this very real evil.

Please, protect yourselves and, in doing so, you are also protecting others.

Rest in Peace Jarod Lee Nandin.