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Well, thank you Nintendo. That's a relief!

Nintendo Confirm Skyward Sword Switch Controls Won't Suck

skyward sword hd controls
Perhaps Skyward Sword will control better than on Wii? Well, that's nice! (Credit: Nintendo)

According to a recent Tweet from Nintendo, the motion controls for Skyward Sword HD will be significantly improved on the Nintendo Switch. The Tweet included a demonstration video that drives the point home.

In a video that takes us right back to 2010, we see a man moving his hand in odd directions, controlling Link's sword. It's entertaining, nostalgic, and makes us quite excited for the upcoming remake. After all, who wouldn't be excited for motion controls to make a return? Yes, that was sarcasm.

Luckily for us, motion controls will be entirely optional in the Switch remake of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (HD), with Nintendo adding what will almost certainly be a hopelessly fiddly button-only controller scheme.

The video shows off these motion controls in all their glory, with Link's sword slashing in accordance with the direction of the Joy-Con's movement. Oh, and the shield controls are back. It might sound kind of awkward, but if it works well, then we will be pretty blood happy indeed!

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword originally released on the OG Nintendo Wii back in 2011, and featured some of the most advanced Motion Controls of its time. Oh, and the game was super f**king fun. One of our personal favorite Zelda's, we are certainly going to be picking up the remake on Switch when it drops on July 16.

Now, we know that everyone would prefer to be playing Breath of the Wild 2, but let's be real: don't you want them to take their time? In the meantime, you can play a fantastic game like Skyward Sword HD to get your delicious dose of Zelda. That dose is very important if you want to stay awesome. So, play the bloody game!


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