Yarr-harr maties! Set sail for an island full of treas-arrrr!

Sea Of Thieves Season One Is Here!


New treasures await! Sea of Thieves Season One January 2021

Land ho! Prepare to drop the anchor for there is plenty of plunder on this here isle! Sea of Thieves gets a new, revamped progression season structured in large, 3-month increments and the very first one starts today!

Remember the hype around Sea of Thieves a couple of years back? Everyone had fun with their friends, dug up a few treasure chests, and then declared the game doesn’t have enough content and moved on. Well, the game is really great now, and in case you’re one of those buccaneers who never gave Sea of Thieves a second chance, now is the best moment to come back!

Credit: Sea of Thieves

The fun open-world pirate epic is officially burying its monthly event system in favor of Seasons, much like all the other popular multiplayer games on the market are doing right now. Every three months a new season will be kicked off, offering players an extensive progression system. Do the challenges and get the loot, simple as that.

Developer Rare has promised that no corsair will go home empty-handed after a game session - doesn’t matter if it’s a “one hour in-and-out” job or a swash-buckling weekend affair. Basically, this means that there will be quests large and small. Best of all, this progression is open to all players of the game, so you don’t actually have to shill real money just to get on the action.

Sea of thieves season one plunder pass

These red items will go perfectly with a red sail... (Credit: Rare)

Of course, if you do want to give Rare some gold (that is to say, your credit card details), there is a premium subscription called the Plunder Pass. It goes for about $10 (999 Ancient Coins) and will give you a chance to unlock 11 Pirate Emporium cosmetics usually worth about $40 if you were to purchase them on your own. Once the season is over, these items will go back to the Emporium and will only be purchasable at full price.

Season One starts today, January 28. This is truly the perfect time to go sail the high seas with a bunch of friends and just have a good time. You can get the game on Steam for $40, or for much less if you have an Xbox Game Pass, in which case you have no excuse not to give it a go! Yar-harr!

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