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Resident Evil Actress Jeanette Maus Dies At 39

Jeanette maus resident evil village
Jeanette Maus sadly only lived to be 39 years old. (Credit: @johnrosenfeldstudios via Instagram)

Sad news just before the release of Resident Evil: Village, with the announcement that Jeanette Maus has passed away, and will not live to see the release of the game. While the internet is in a state of hype, the voice actor's death comes as a shock to many fans.

Actress and voice actress Jeanette Maus passed away on Sunday, January 24, her family has announced in a statement. She has reportedly passed from cancer, as well as complications stemming from a Covid-19 infection. She was only 39 years old, and leaves a deep void.

Capcom, publisher of the Resident Evil franchise, shared their condolences on Twitter:

Jeanette Maus will speak in the upcoming Resident Evil spin-off, Resident Evil: Village. The game will give fans one last chance to hear her voice when it releases on May 7. Jeanette Maus was a very valued person in the industry, and has brought joy to many people through her work.

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