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Razer Project Hazel: A Smart Medical N95 Face Mask with Futuristic Features!?


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Razer is releasing a mask. Yup. An actual N95 mask that protects you against 95% of all airborne particles. Yes, Razer - the gaming company - is releasing a mask with RGB that actually will help protect you from the virus and all kinds of contagious airborne stuff. That’s fantastic. Even more fantastic is that this mask is actually super, super, super dope. No, we are not sponsored, we are just hyped. Also, we are super bummed that this Project Hazel is only a concept and might not actually ever be made, but just look at some of the features:

  • A detachable, rechargeable active-ventilation system to regulate airflow
  • N95 medical grade respiratory protection filter against 95% of airborne particles
  • A transparent front panel, so people can see (and read) your lips
  • A VoiceAmp technology with a built-in mic and amplifier, so you don’t sound muffled
  • Chroma lighting – because every Razer item needs RGB

Can you say cool? Of course you can, because this is. Especially considering that masks will likely be an everyday part of our fashion now. So why not wear them in style? We love it. Will Project Hazel ever be realized? Will the Razer face mask ever be released? We don’t know. Also…: How much would Project Hazel cost if it were to be become a reality? Questions we don’t have answers to, though we would love to have them. If there ever is a release date or a price for the Project Hazel Razer mask, we will definitely let you know though.

However - big however - this is not the only news from Razer that came our way via CES 2021:
Razer also used the CES to unveil their newest gaming chair: Project Brooklyn. Again, this might never become a reality, but the concept is stunning: A gaming chair with a screen that is retractable and expands around you to give you a maximum field of vision at 4K resolution. Also, the chair concept boasts arm-rests that will adjust to you whether you’re playing on mouse and keyboard or on a controller. The future of gaming is now! Except… it isn’t. Because these are all just concepts.

Anyway: We love it, and we hope Razer keeps pushing the agenda, so that Project Hazel and Project Brooklyn become a real mask and a real gaming chair sooner than later.

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