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This is a public service announcement: Randalls Beans is FAKE NEWS

The Randalls Beans PS5 and Xbox Series X Stock is a Scam!

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Be very careful on the internet, folks. For starters, nobody has PS5s right now! (Credit: Pixabay)

With limited stock of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X available, many players are moving to dodgy online stores and scalpers to get their hands on the much-desired consoles. Over the last few days, players have been fascinated with something called 'Randalls Beans', which apparently has a few consoles available.

This is an official EarlyGame public announcement: Randalls Beans is a SCAM, and you should not click on any affiliated links, nor provide any financial information on the website. The below video explains it perfectly, showing exactly how the website seeks to misinform, and potentially scam you.

The worrying thing about Randalls Beans is that, with it currently trending heavily on Google, it could be a serious problem. Its claims of PS5 and Xbox Series X stock are very appealing to players who are insanely keen and hyped for the next-gen gaming experience. Hopefully this website is becoming a meme, and not an extremely successful scam.

Many scams have been popping up recently, unsurprising considering the popularity of the new-gen consoles. The problem with these kinds of scams is that they are very sophisticated, and look very legitimate. If someone who is not knowledgeful about scams, perhaps a grandma trying to buy something cool for her grandchild, sees this, then there could be trouble.

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Sony's new PlayStation 5 IS sold out everywhere, so be careful of scammers. (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The question of whether Randalls Beans PS5 is legit has been shared widely, so we have decided to put a quick guide to not be scammed on the internet – show your loved ones!

  • If a website advertises a product known to be widely out-of-stock, or at a significantly lower-than-normal price, pay extra attention – is this website legit?
  • Never input personal information, or any information really, in a website where the URL does not start with https. The important part is the 's’, which means that it is a secure link.
  • If a customer service email is gmail, hotmail, or one of these big providers, avoid it, no legitimate organization will have a customer service line @gmail/hotmail.
  • If you are uncertain, it is a good idea to check the physical address of their warehouse or head office, this often turns out to be an easy way to debunk the legitimacy of a website.
  • Ask friends and loved ones whether they think something is legit, if you are unsure, it's always a good idea to get a second opinion!
its a scam schitts creek

We hope that this helps a few people. In times like these, a lot of people are struggling to find money, turning to things like scamming. If you are ever unsure, it's best not to provide details that you could regret providing. Double check! Contact someone! Oh, and stick to EarlyGame...


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