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PMGC reveal Covid-19 infections, big prizes, and regional championships!

PUBG MOBILE Reveals Big News for PMGC 2021

PUBG Mobile Spring Global Finals
PUBG Mobile is a relatively young Esports brand, but has seen impressive growth over the last few years. (Credit: PUBG Mobile)

PUBG MOBILE Global Championship have announced changes to January’s Grand Finals, due to three players testing positive to Covid-19. In a press conference, PMGC opened up about the future of the Esports brand, and what we can expect from PUBG MOBILE in 2021.

In today’s press conference, James Yang, Director of PUBG MOBILE Global Esports, delivered the fateful news that the Grand Finals, slated for January 21, have been hit by Covid-19. The news has hardly come as a surprise, with the global pandemic still raging across the globe, but is significant with all players having arrived in Dubai ahead of tomorrow’s tournament.

PUBG Mobile Trophy
PUBG Mobile Esports has a huge prize pool of $1.2 million USD this final's season. (Credit: PUBG Mobile)

Yang has confirmed that all three positive-tested players are well and showing no symptoms, and that PMGC will provide all required assistance, including health facilities. In response to queries made by EarlyGame, it was confirmed that all standard Covid-safe procedures have been facilitated, and that all players are now in quarantine.

“It is not easy. They took hours to come to Dubai, and now they are quarantining. But still, it is for the best... we appreciate your patience and understanding in this time.”

All players will now be competing online, in isolation due to Covid-19. We have covered this news in detail here: PUBG MOBILE Finals Forced Online After Players Test Positive for Covid-19

Following the saddening news, Yang went on to detail the future of PUBG Mobile, including their move to regionalize 2021’s tournament and grow to be the number one PUBG Esports brand. The details revealed include a major move to implement more anti-cheating systems in future tournaments, following several incidents in 2020.

It has been revealed that the 2021 tournament will be predominantly held online, an announcement that is unsurprising following the events preceding tomorrow’s final. Yang stressed that every region has been affected by the pandemic, but PMGC will continue to operate and is dedicated to providing quality entertainment, and opportunities for Esports players around the world.

In response to EarlyGame’s inquiry into the reasons behind PMGC’s decision to increase its global reach, and create new regional tournaments, Yang explained PMGC’s intention to restructure the league to create more opportunities, and more attachment, to PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile 2020 Global Championship
The PUBG Mobile Finals have been hit with the unfortunate news of three players testing positive to Covid-19. (Credit: PUBG Mobile Esports)

PMGC’s intention is to create a “direct attachment” towards teams, creating an emotional attachment by creating “a regional competition” where players may “represent their own country”. PUBG will use 2021 to begin growth that will create more regional leagues, building through local competitions to discover the truly best team in the world.

“Once you do something, even if you are not very satisfied… you need to be very strong and sometimes even, maybe, just pushing and going and shifting… with a strong mind, this journey can make you better than you expect.”

Yang reiterated time and again PUBG Mobile's dedication to players and fans alike, looking to new technologies and rules to make the future of the Esports brand bright with collaboration and competition. There is a lot to unpack, and for more information on tomorrow’s tournament, stick to EarlyGame.

PUBG Mobile is still holding its Grand Finals online on January 21. Check it out below:

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