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Who would have thought!

Virtual Pokémon Concert With Post Malone and Katy Perry

pokemon virtual concert post malone katy perry
Why Post Malone in particular? (Credit: The Official Pokémon YouTube channel)

This might seem like fake news but it's not! On all official channels Pokémon announces a virtual concert with Post Malone and Katy Perry is supposed to be there too! Here's all the info on it.

It was probably the most hyped news of the last few days: Pokémon organizes a virtual concert with star guests like Post Malone and Katy Perry! The whole thing will take place on Pokémon Day, which is February 27. For anyone in Europe that wants to witness the event, you'll have to wait until 01:00 AM CET (actually February 28).

Check out the trailer:

The trailer looks pretty cool and Post Malone has also admitted to being a Pokémon fan. Maybe it's a better fit than we thought? Virtual concerts in games are nothing new in the past year. Fortnite has been demonstrating how well this can work for a long time and has already had celebrity guests such as Travis Scott and DJ Marshmello.

In addition to Post Malone, Katy Perry was announced as a musical highlight some time ago:

What do you think about this idea? Will you be at the concert? Drop us a line on Discord!


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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.