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Finally, the proof!

Pokémon GO Makes You Healthy and Happy, According to Recent Study!

Pokemon go study 2021
Also, how could you not be happy at the sight of a cute Pokémon? (Credit: GameSpot Trailers)

Finally, we have proof: playing Pokémon GO makes us happy! Oh, and it promotes health on the side. But that was obvious, after all, the game drives us outside to catch Pokémon.

Since 2016, Pokémon GO has allowed us to catch Pokémon wherever we go, evolve them, and battle them in arenas. This is not only fun, but also healthy! Several studies have found that Pokémon Go has a number of positive effects on its players.

pokemon go study 2021
Together with Statista, Niantic has released an infographic that summarizes all the effects. (Source: Niantic / Statista)

The fact that Pokémon GO is designed to get players out in the fresh air, and keep them moving is nothing new. After all, that's exactly the purpose for which it was developed! And, of course, to trigger exactly the hype it has received. That's why the app has been downloaded a billion times since 2016!

Pokémon GO Keeps You Fit

I don't know about you guys, but especially in the early days of Pokémon GO, I was outside a lot more than ever before. Some days I was running 10km through the sticks, just to get one more egg to hatch and catch more Pokémon.

An American study confirmed that Pokémon GO players take up to 25% more steps a day than before. The playful aspect just adds a lot to the fact that it doesn't feel like exercise or work.

Pokémon GO Makes You Social

Pokemon go study 2021
The result is something to be proud of! (Credit: Niantic / Statista)

However, the game doesn't just get us outdoors, it also brings us together! Some players state that they were able to make new friends, or generally approach new people more through Pokémon GO.

I can only confirm that! It's super noticeable when someone stops at the exact same spot to shoot at a Pokéstop... That's where you automatically get into a conversation. In general, you meet more people when you are out and about in hotspots like parks or main streets.

Pokémon GO Makes You Smart

That's right, Pokémon hunting also has mental benefits. Namely, like many other video games, Pokémon GO boosts concentration skills and selective attention.

In addition, video games with augmented reality can help overcome fears, and also phobias. For example, of spiders!

Pokemon go study webarak
Could Webarak cure your spider phobia? (Credit: Pokewiki)

Pokémon GO in Lockdown

Even in Lockdown, these points are all incredibly important. For those who squat at home a lot and just can't find relaxation, Pokémon GO is a great way to find a balance – and lose those excess pounds that you've accumulated in the process!

Of course, it is recommended to keep the necessary distance, and to remain cautious. Therefore, Niantic has also introduced shortly after the first lockdown, through updates that you can also catch more Pokémon from home, and experience all aspects of the game.

Well, got a hankering for Pokémon Go, now? Well, me too, to be honest...


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Original article was written by Laura Pippig.

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