OSRS – How To Get The Abyssal Dagger

The Abyssal Dagger is arguably the best dagger in Old School Runescape. Here is how to get it.
OSRS Abyssal Dagger
How to get the dagger, right here, right now. | © HBO/Jagex

One variety of weapons in Old School Runescape is the dagger. They have their uses in combat, but there is one in particular that really stands out. This is the Abyssal Dagger, which is something many players would part with OSRS gold for. But what makes the dagger special, and how do you get your very own? We'll be showing you the steps you need to take to start wielding the mighty Abyssal Dagger.

What is the Abyssal Dagger?

What makes the dagger special is the fact that it is the most powerful dagger in OSRS. You will need to be at level 70 for attack if you're going to wield it. It is stronger and more accurate than even the Staff of the Dead and offers a +5 attack bonus, as well as a +3 strength bonus compared to that staff. That being said, you do also need to keep in mind that the staff is more of a Slash weapon, as opposed to the dagger's stab focus.

The weapon actually had changes made to it as recently as a few months ago. Back at the start of July 2021, the Abyssal Dagger underwent changes to alter the positioning and variants of the dagger on female players. The dagger now appears to be equipped in the correct manner. On the topic of positioning, this dagger is actually one of just three daggers in the whole game that is held with the blade pointing towards the ground. The other two examples of this kind of dagger are the dragon dagger and Keris.

Abyssal Puncture

The Abyssal Dagger comes with a special attack known as Abyssal Puncture. This can be a devastating attack on your opponents, as it hits them twice quickly, having a 25% accuracy increase that comes with it. There's also damage that's reduced by 15%, which will take up half of your special attack energy.

The way in which the attack works is in two parts, performing a single roll attack. This double attack approach means that when it is performed, either both attacks will hit, or they will both miss. The most damage that the weapon can perform with Abyssal Puncture is 40-40 against other players. However, if you have a salve amulet, then you can deal 46-46 damage to undead creatures as well. If you have a dragon dagger, then you will be able to dish out more damage than the Abyssal Dagger using your special attack.

How To Get The Abyssal Dagger

As good as all that may sound, we still need to know what we have to do to get our own Abyssal Dagger. You will have just over a 20% chance of getting an Abyssal Dagger if you're using an OSRS Unsired item on the Font of Consumption. You can find this location in the middle of the Abyssal Nexus. This means that you have a 1/492 chance of getting a dagger for every Abyssal Sire kill that you perform. There is another method that has even less of a chance, at around 1/32,000 chance of getting a drop from Abyssal Demons.

Buying your own via an exchange would also be very expensive. Not as pricey as some weapons in the game, but you're still looking at over 2.5 million OSRS gold. This is a reason why there are players that choose to buy OSRS gold, since they can acquire OSRS items for sale at these kinds of prices.

Bit of a side note, but if you do choose to find OSRS gold for sale, then it would be wise to make sure you do so by visiting a reliable source. There are vendors online that can offer you such services, but there are warning signs to look out for. To be completely safe, use a website that offers 24/7 customer service chat, in case you do run into any issues. Don't give out any passwords or card details to avoid being scammed. A good indicator of the seller is to check the customer reviews. This will give you an insight into how reliable the site you have chosen is.

As you can tell by now, the Abyssal Dagger is a very effective weapon for you to have when playing OSRS. Sure, it isn't going to win any prizes for the easiest weapon to obtain, but if you do manage to get lucky, then you'll be more than well-equipped. Or you could cash in some of your OSRS GP and see if they're at an affordable price on the market.