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No More XBOX Live GOLD needed to Play FREE To Play + Games With Gold


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Alright so this video has a bit of everything: We got the new Xbox Live Gold Games for February 2021, as well as arguably one of the weirder moves Microsoft ever pulled:

First, for the Games with Gold for February, this is what you're getting:

- Gears 5

- Resident Evil Remastered

- Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb

- Dandara Trials of Fear

- Lost Planet 2

Gears is the only game in here that is not super old: The game was released in 2019. The rest of the games are far from modern, with Indiana Jones dating as far back as 2003.

Now, if you have Xbox Live Gold, you will have heard that Microsoft decided to increase the price of the subscription service to double of what it used to be. Yup. That was shocking - so shocking, that Microsoft backpedaled super hard & superfast to reverse the decision, meaning: Xbox Live Gold is the same price it always was. Now you might think that nothing's changed then, but no:

Microsoft felt so bad, that they now made their free to play games actually f2p. Sounds weird? Is weird. What you have to know here is that it means that Fortnite, Warzone & Apex are now actually free to play online. No subscription needed.


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