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We got all the details on the New Pokémon Snap!

New Pokémon Snap: Release Date, File Size, Pokémon & More

New Pokémon Snap: Ash and Pikachu
Ash and Pikachu are surprised AF. (Credit: The Pokémon Company)

Are you excited about the New Pokémon Snap? So are we. No, like, literally. We’ve waited for this our entire lives! And now we finally got some details to share with you! Let’s get to it!

Listen, if you’re in your twenties, thirties or older, and you’re excited about the New Pokémon Snap, then don’t be. I assure you, 80% of the people that will play this game are Millennials and Boomers. It’s natural. Pokémon was our childhood, we can’t just give up on it all of a sudden, right?

Especially not now, when we have so many cool things to share with you about the New Pokémon Snap:

  1. Pokémon Snap release date
  2. Pokémon Snap file size
  3. Which Platforms Pokémon Snap is releasing for
  4. Which Pokémon will be in the game 


Everything We Know About Pokémon Snap

When is the New Pokémon Snap Release Date?

The New Pokémon Snap will release on April 30th. Yep, you read that right. That means that if you’re reading this by the time that we uploaded it – which we sure hope you do – then it’s coming out this week!

What’s the File Size for the New Pokémon Snap?

The New Pokémon Snap File Size is 6.8 GB, which is actually more than reasonable. It means that you do not have to delete Animal Crossing, my man. Lucky you. Poor Diana would have had to live her life without you otherwise...

Which Consoles is the New Pokémon Snap Coming To?

It’s a Pokémon game, guys. Of course, the New Pokémon Snap will release on the Nintendo Switch, and the Nintendo Switch only. You can act surprised now, and we'd find it funny, but if you actually are, then you’re definitely a noob. Cute.

How Many Pokémon are in the New Pokémon Snap?

Hold your horses friends: you can photograph over 200 Pokémon in the New Pokémon Snap! And if your first reaction is “What? But there’s so many… why only 200?”. Honey… you try to photograph 200 Pokémon on a large map, then complain, okay?

New Pokémon Snap Pikachu
Please... just... take pictures of him... (Credit: Nintendo)

We could now go into detail about the story and that kind of stuff, but I know you’re just dying to photograph some Pikachu’s and that’s the sole reason you want to buy this game. No judgment here, we fully understand.

Have fun playing, friends and don't forget to stick around at EarlyGame for some great content that you will surely love!