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New Free PS Plus Game February 2021: What Is Destruction AllStars?


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We already knew Destruction AllStars was going to be one of the free PS Plus games for February 2021. How? Because the game was originally supposed to be released in November 2020 with the launch of the PS5, but developer Lucid Games decided to push the release for February. This is great because, really, Destruction AllStars is NOT a free to play game: The actual game costs money. With this February PS Plus release though, the game will be free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. PS4 owners… sorry: This game is releasing for the PS5 only. At this point we don’t know what the PS4 PS Plus games will be, but we do know that we have a great one waiting for us on the PlayStation 5.

So what is Destruction AllStars? Well… that is not that easy to put into words. It’s a game with a lot of destruction - hence the title - and you race around an arena, trying to destroy your opponents. The catch: You can also survive and play outside of your car. At this point, not much is known about it, and we only have a short little gameplay clip that was found in the Share Factory of the PS5. A lot of people are hoping this game will be the next Rocket League, but if you ask us: This reminds us of a family-friendly version of Twisted Metal. One thing is for sure though: Destruction AllStars will have A LOT of cosmetics. The colorful cast just screams microtransaction.

So there you have it – a release date for Destruction AllStars: free to play as soon as the new free PS Plus games are available in early February 2021.

We fully expect Lucid Dreams and Sony to reveal more about the game and show off more gameplay in the coming days leading up to its release. The game definitely has a lot of hype going for it, as it was one of the first games advertised for the PlayStation 5. With Sony publishing the game themselves, we can also assume that the game passed rigorous quality-control measures.

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