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We have waited so long!

New Crysis Gameplay Leak & Is It Battle Royale?

crysis next gameplay leak
It's time for a new Crysis! (Credit: EA)

How long has it been since Crysis 3 came out? I'm sorry, 8 years?! It's high time for a new entry right? Gameplay footage from a possible new Crysis game has just been leaked. Here's all the info so far!

Crysis is one of those game series that is loved without reservation. Alright, the third part wasn't quite as good as the second, which may not have been as good as the first either but you get the point. The remake of part one didn't go down so well with the fans... but you can once again test modern hardware with it!

That's why a lot of hopes are placed in Crysis 4, but so far there was no confirmation of a sequel. Through a leak, however, we can take a first look at it, which looks quite okay. Let's jump into it!

Is the Next Crysis Crysis Next or Crysis 4?

Until now, all we knew was that Crytek was working on something related to Crysis. There were ominous job postings for a Crysis Next that sounded heavily like a battle royale. There was talk of another remaster, and Crysis 4 was also rumored to be in development. Perhaps Crysis Next and Crysis 4 one and the same game, just under a different name?

Anyway, the developers were very mysterious and kept teasing the fans with tweets like this:

Crysis Battleground Gameplay Leak

Now it could be that someone has beaten the developers to it. On Reddit, 4chan, and various other sites, a link to alleged gameplay footage from the next Crysis was circulating. There's just one slight difference. The name - Crysis Battleground.

The whole thing looks like someone filmed it with a toaster, but see for yourself:

Everyone should realize that these scenes are from a very early stage of the game's development and are probably several years old. Anyway, a lot of people believe that it is real Crysis gameplay. Must be because of the "ACTUALLY REAL". On a more serious note, the video is a parody of the Halo 4 leak from ages ago which had the same VHS quality and song but guess what, it was real.

Some even suspect that Crytek itself is responsible for the leak to get attention. Quite possible if you ask me... but then they have to follow up the leak with action!

Will the Next Crysis be Battle Royale?

Since there are multiplayer battles in the video, Crysis Next could be the Battle Royale. As mentioned, this is supposed to be a battle royale title. Whether that fits Crysis is another question... A Crysis 4 with a battle royale multiplayer mode would also be possible.

Anyway, we are curious if Crytek will say something about the leak and which Crysis game we will really get in the end. Keep your fingers crossed for a great single-player Crysis 4!


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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.