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Monster Hunter: Rise Trailer, New Monster, Release Date & Demo

Monster Hunter: Rise Trailer, New Monster, Release Date & Demo
Monster Hunter: Rise is coming´to the Switch soon! (Credit: Capcom)

Capcom has released an official trailer for Monster Hunter: Rise. It gave us some details about the game and even a new monster that will be added to the game in an update in April. Here is all the info!

It won't be long before Monster Hunter: Rise will finally be released for the Switch. The game brings sexier graphics and new mechanics that should elevate monster hunting to a new level while making it beginner-friendly. In the new official trailer for Rise, we also get to see a new monster that is already making our blood run cold! Grab your oversized, stylish weapons, and let's go!

Monster Hunter: Rise - Official Trailer

The official trailer for Rise tells us more about our mission in the game and shows some battle scenes against the dangerous beasts we will encounter in the game:

Honestly, if you don't feel like dropping everything to go into battle, you've got real problems. The trailer looks insanely good and simply makes you want more! Moreover, the official trailer already shows a new monster that will be added with an update only after the game's release: Chameleos.

Monster Hunter: Rise - New Monster Chameleos

monster hunter rise chameleos
It's a little hard to tell where the front and back are on this thing. (Credit: Monster Hunter Wiki)

Chameleos is a dragon elder that first appeared in Monster Hunter 2. It can turn invisible, which is why many fans have already joked in the comments that it will simply turn invisible until the update is released. Now you see me, now you don't! John Cena sends his regards.

Chameleos can greatly lower a fighter's defenses with its saliva and it also secretes poison. Chameleos can spit acid, create wind waves with his tail, and rob monster hunters with his tongue. All the annoying abilities packed into one monster!

The update that will bring Chameleos into the game is expected to be released at the end of April.

Monster Hunter: Rise - Official Demo

For Monster Hunter: Rise there was already an official demo. If you haven't tried the game yet, you'll get a second chance: The demo will be released on March 12 at 12:00 in the Nintendo eShop.

In it, you can play the four quests that were already available in the first demo. There is also a more difficult hunt for the monster Magnamalo. Those who have already played the first demo will have their quest counters reset.

Monster Hunter: Rise - Release Date

Monster Hunter: Rise will be released on March 26 for the Nintendo Switch. Are you excited about the latest iteration of the series? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!


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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.