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Iconic actor Ned Luke is ill with Covid-19

Michael from GTA V Hospitalized With Covid-19

Michael GTA Covid
Michael from GTA V has Covid. We wish him a speedy recovery! (Credit: Rockstar Games / Ned Luke)

Actor Ned Luke, best known as Michael from GTA V, has contracted Covid-19. It has now been confirmed that he has been committed to hospital, and we wish him a very speedy recovery! Get well soon, dear Ned Luke!

Gamers from all corners of the Earth know the GTA V actor as Michael De Santa, an absolutely iconic role from one of the best and best-selling games ever. Yesterday came the sad news of Luke's illness, when the actor made an announcement on Instagram.

The actor announced the news of his Covid illness via Instagram:

Of course, many positive well-wishes immediately sent their best wishes Luke's way. From the film and TV world, as well as from the gaming scene, came endless messages and prayers for “Michael from GTA”. Leading the way, of course, was Shawn Fonteno and Steven Ogg, the actors of Franklin and Trevor respectively.

Ogg sends Ned Luke love, and appeals to Luke's fighting spirit. This seems familiar, doesn't it? Perhaps from Trevor and Michael in GTA V, just like how Fonteno referenced the extremely popular "Lamar Roasting Franklin” meme.


Ned Luke has also received many nice messages on Twitter, both from fans and official accounts in the industry.

Michael GTA Covid
The commends under Ned Luke's tweet are full of well-wishes and references to Michael from GTA. (Credit: Ned Luke via Twitter)

We are happy to see so much positivity, and we here at EarlyGame would also like to send our best wishes to Michael/Ned again: get well soon! We hope to hear about his recovery soon, and will of course keep you updated.

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