But is it ‘Finger-Licking’ Good?

KFConsole Officially Announced! Comes with Built-In Chicken Chamber!

KF Console

The newly announced KFConsole is a partnership between KFC and Cooler Master! (Credit: KFC / Cooler Master)

KFC has finally revealed its long-anticipated entry into the gaming console market: behold, the KFConsole! The console features a sizzling chicken chamber to keep your legs warm and your thighs tender (I am of course talking about chicken), and some surprisingly impressive gaming hardware.

We don’t know about you, but KFC’s latest announcement had us pretty stumped. A few months ago, there were rumors circling about the possibility of the fried-chicken monolith entering the gaming market, but we all thought it was just a joke... Turns out, we’ve been completely and utterly bamboozled!

KFC Juicy Chicken

Nom nom nom nom... our mouths are already watering. (Credit: KFC / Cooler Master)

The Kentucky Fried Console is a pretty futuristic affair. We bet you’ve heard all those lame jokes from your fathers every time you mention the numerous capabilities of your brand-spanking-new smartphone: “it can’t make a cuppa tea!” Well, Dad, no... but it CAN keep your chicken crispy, tender and toasty hot.

KFC has partnered with Cooler Master, and for all you console nerds, that’s a pretty major PC brand! Well, PC components, but that makes it all-the-more exciting: Cooler Master knows their s**t when it comes to building kick-ass computers. So, it goes without saying that spells good for a console effort!

The slogan, “Power Your Hunger”, perfectly describes how we feel when thinking about the KFConsole: powerful and hungry. As the latest from KFC and Cooler Master, it’s advertised as the “tastier way to experience the latest titles in stunning 4K, 240fps”. Wow.

Sony and Microsoft might have the talk about ‘innovation’, but KFC has the walk! The damn thing does not only include a world-first chicken chamber, but also a Core i9, 9th Generation CPU (built by Intel) and a swappable Asus graphics card. All this will surely be the perfect thing for tech-heads and chicken lovers alike.

Then, out of nowhere, in jumps Seagate who have thrown in not just one, BUT TWO, 1TB SSD cards! Thus, the KFConsole boasts not just the fact that it keeps your chicken hot, but a VR Ready, 4K and 240 FPS enabled console. It’s even capable of Ray Tracing! Ultimately, this is a glorified PC, and that’s not a bad thing!

The KFConsole is truly, and literally, ‘Finger-licking good’. We are anticipating it with our napkins at the ready, and our controllers charged! The fast-food chain could have a sizzling success here, and we look forward to sharing it with you right here on EarlyGame.

Stay tuned in January - you might be on holidays, but there are some interesting game releases coming up!


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