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Joe Biden Wants to Raise Gaming Tax? POTUS Thinks Games Create Killers? What?


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We got a new President! You know that, because you probably don’t live under a rock. Joe Biden is the new President of the United States and Jennifer Lopez did a beautiful job singing for the new POTUS. But beyond JLo and beyond inauguration day, we are curious about one thing:

What is Joe Biden’s stance on gaming?

We know his stance on a lot of topics, since all that was covered thoroughly throughout his campaign against Donald Trump. But gaming… we feel like there is still a lot left to explore here: What are Joe’s favorite games? Which lane does he play in LoL? What is his weapon of choice on CS:GO?

We actually may have more answers than you think:

Joe Biden’s favorite game: Animal Crossing. Make assumptions about this all you want, but the fact of the matter remains that Uncle Biden used Animal Crossing to promote his presidential campaign.

As for CS:GO: It is safe to say that he doesn’t like it. After all, Joe Biden wanted to raise the tax on violent video games back in 2013. More than that, Biden believes that game developers are little creeps that teach people how to kill. At least if his interview with the New York Times from 2019 is to be believed.

In any case, the new President of the United States is not too fond of video games. No matter, we still like him more than what came before. So, for now, we say good-bye to Donald Trump and join J-Lo in ushering in a new era.

Happy inauguration, Joe Biden. Too bad we won’t be gaming together.


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