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"Fall Guys Coming to Gamepass," says Xbox. "Nah, bro," says Fall Guys Devs

Fall Guys Skin

So uh... Xbox lied: Fall Guys is not coming to Gamepass. (Credit: Devolver Digital)

So you heard the rumor that Fall Guys is coming to Xbox Gamepass? Yeah, we got weak in the knees too... sadly though, it's not happening...

So earlier today, Xbox Game Pass casually suggested that Fall Guys would be coming 'soon'. You got hyped, we got hyped, everybody got hyped: Finally a new game for Xbox! Something to tide us over until Halo Infinite becomes the Master of the Universe.

Fall Guys Gamepass

There's teasing and then there's this... (Credit: ronbag - Reddit)

Well... later today, Devolver Digital – yup, the Fall Guys devs, who definitely know where their game will release – firmly confirmed that Fall Guys is not coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Gamepass is written as 'Game Pass', but whatever... (Credit: @devolverdigital)


Sad news for Xbox fans, who've been waiting for the game ever since it was released on PC and PlayStation 4 last year. There's still hope for an Xbox version coming, as that has never been ruled out by the devs, but there are also no promises, no release dates, no nothing.

If you ask us our expert opinion: We fully expect Fall Guys to eventually come to Xbox, but we must reiterate: No, Fall Guys is definitely not coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Yeah... no.

Just because the game isn't coming to Xbox, doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. You just... need a PlayStation or a PC. Ha. Yeah, that wasn't helpful. If you do have either though, you'll be happy to know that we got much more Fall Guys content right here:

Fall Guys... you still alive, bro?

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