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How to Play Stranded Deep Co-Op: Multiplayer & Online EXPLAINED!


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Stranded Deep was free on the Epic Games Store and now the big question is: Can Stranded Deep be played online? Literally, that question is all over Google Trends. Actually, there are more big questions that seem to be keeping gamers awake: Does Stranded Deep have co-op? How do I play that co op online? Well... we've got the answers:

Yes, Stranded Deep does have multiplayer, but you can't play it online. Stranded Deep has no online mode. We repeat: There is no online co op for this survival game. The only way to enjoy the game with a friend, a partner or a loved one is locally. Get together in front of the same screen, and you can enjoy the game in camaraderie. To do that though, you will need a controller. Naturally, a computer keyboard is not ideal for two gamers to competently satisfy their gaming needs simultaneously. Luckily though, any controller will do the trick: You just plug in the controller and select input from the options menu. From there, you assign Player Two or Player One to the controller, and you are good to go. After that, just head on over to the story mode and start a new game in the cooperative mode.

Simple enough right?

It's fascinating to us that a modern game has local multiplayer and no online multiplayer, but we really don't mind. The only issue is the virus situation of 2020 and the social distancing that comes with it, but... that will change.

As for console players, we've got unfortunate news: There is no multiplayer whatsoever available on any console. Not on PS4 and not Xbox One.

Enjoy your playthrough of Stranded Deep. It's an unforgiving survival experience, so make sure you bring patience and more patience.

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