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Cyberpunk 2077 is here and it brings a lot of kinky stuff with it: Romance, sex, a futuristic love life… all that stuff was always going to be a huge part of a game that lets you edit your character’s private parts. Now the game is here and, suffice to say people are disappointed at the romantic options in the game. There is a lot less kink than one would have expected of such an ambitious and dystopian game that screams freedom.

Some players want to date Takemura, but guess what: He’s not available. Others want to date Keanu Reeves, but guess what: He’s called Johnny Silverhand. Why can’t I date Meredith Stout or Rogue Amendiares? What if I want to get married, settle down and get old with Alt Cunningham? Are you telling me that I can’t do that, CDPR?

Yes. CD Projekt Red is telling us exactly that. The romance options in Cyberpunk 2077 are far more limited than some would have thought before the game was released. In fact, you can only really get seriously involved with four characters:

➤ Kerry Eurodyne

➤ River Ward

➤ Panam Palmer

➤ Judy Alvarez

Even within those four options, you are limited in who you can get with: Kerry Eurodyne is reserved for males only, whereas River Ward will only hook up with females. Panam Palmer and a female character? Not gonna happen – she likes her partners masculine, unlike Judy Alvarez, who will boogie with women only. So what are you to do if you grow tired of Joy-Toys and flings? Well, you go with the one and only option you have for your respective character.

This is disappointing, as are many other things that dampened the release of Cyberpunk 2077. However, the lack of a varied love-life is a bummer for many. Joy Toys are fun and all, but it is sad when an old game like Dragon Age did romance better than this brand-new 2020 release.

So, for those of you who wish they could get down and dirty with Takemura or pick a partner of your choosing… not gonna happen unless CD Projekt Red decides to patch these matters.

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