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Okay, Dexter...

Psychopathic Hitman 3 Player Crushes Entire Level's NPCs in Grape Press

hitman 3 grape presser
We would say "check this out" but it will probably crash your system! (Credit: IO Interactive / Teallen96)

A Hitman 3 fan has collected the entirety of a level's NPCs and crushed them using a Grape Press, in a recent viral YouTube video. The Mendoza level in Hitman 3 might be fantastic, but we wouldn't have thought it could become this fabulous. Teallen96 sure is a creative, if not little psychopathic, Hitman fan.

The video, which has amassed a whopping 220,000 views on YouTube, features player Teallen96 crushing the entire population of Mendoza into a single grape press. The video's success is especially impressive considering Teallen96 only has 334 subscribers, as of writing.

In the video you just witnessed, you saw Teallen96 piling all of the NPCs in Mendoza and crushing them with a grape press. Pretty bloody effective, if you ask us! For real – every NPC corpse hidden at once, without even a trace. The game may have almost crashed from the sheer number of NPC's on-screen at once, but by god, that was super f**king satisfying.

Next time we jump into Hitman 3, we sure as hell will be trying this maneuver. We feel kind of weird about being so excited about this idea, but it is a super neat example of just how great a sandbox Hitman 3 is. What's more, we super recommend Teallen96's YouTube channel to you. Here's another classic:

Teallen96 has basically dedicated all of his recent videos to doing f**ked up s**t in Hitman 3, and it is super freaking funny. It took us probably way too long to write this article, because we just got sucked into the sinkhole of the hilarious, and kind of psychopathic, stuff that he does to NPCs in the game.

Just keep in mind, this isn't safe for work, kids. Well, at least in terms of how horrendously violent some of this s**t is. HOLY COW!

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