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Gwent Journey Season 4 Releasing Today!

yennefer geralt witcher 3
Reuniting with our favorite characters in Gwent is always a highlight! (Credit: CD Projekt Red)

Gwent Journey Season 4 is now underway, with its focus squarely on Yennefer. Gwent Journey's progression continues to impress with its evolving stories, and collection of fantastic rewards and features. It's time to jump into the first new season of 2021!

If you were a fan of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, then you're probably a fan of Gwent. The full-scale spin-off of its classic mini-game has impressed with unique collections of cards, but most notably, the fantastic Journey, which progresses through captivating stories and new quests every week.

gwent gameplay
Gwent has captured our hearts since it featured as a mini-game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. (Credit: CD Projekt RED)

It becomes hard to put Gwent down, with its extremely addictive gameplay loop impressing at almost every level. Its seasons have gradually added more and more great content, and we are always itching for the next round. So, what's up in Season 4?

What's the Deal With Season 4?

The first season of 2021 puts Gwent Journey in the spotlight again, with a new level cap above 100, and tons of additional features. It's time for new rewards, skins, and ornaments. Oh, and a story that will captivate you throughout, detailing Yennefer's backstory.

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Lemme just disappear into this bush to play some Gwent... (Credit: GIPHY)

The backbone of Season 4 is, as you guessed it, Yennefer. It's time to customize your personal Yennefer, continue upgrading your collections and get plenty of fabulous fashion items in the process. It's certainly a good time to jump into Gwent, and we won't blame you if you spend hundreds of hours perfecting your collection.

Yennefer of Vengerberg is one of the coolest characters in Witcher lore, and it one of the reasons that we are uniquely excited for this new season. Remember, Gwent Journey is free to most, but the premium pass will jump you up to level 25 instantly and will unlock the Yennefer skin immediately. We highly recommend it!


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