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GTA 6 Rumors, Updates, Leaks, Story, Setting, Protagonist: Everything We Know!


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So we’re all hyped for GTA VI, right? We’re all eagerly waiting for more news on Rockstar’s newest Grand Theft Auto, correct? Folks, you’re in luck, because EarlyGame is rounding up every single GTA 6 rumor and theory out there. In total, there are 5 seriously interesting GTA rumors, that we want to take a look at… let’s not waste any time doing exactly that:

The Female Protagonist Rumor

Yeah, you probably heard this one before. It made the rounds on the internet, with plenty of reactions – from happy, to doubtful, to downright angry. While we don’t understand why anybody would be upset about a female protagonist in GTA 6, we are very curious as to what it would play like. Obviously, Rockstar’s games have always been very male-centered, so a female main character would be quite the change. Also, how many playable characters will GTA VI come with? Will we see a return to just one playable character or continue the trend from GTA V? Maybe Rockstar will also take cues from Red Dead Redemption and include several acts? We’re not sure, but we sure are interested in seeing where this leads and would be quite psyched about a female protagonist.

The Americas Rumors

There’s a persistent rumor going around that GTA 6 will be set in the Americas. By that we mean that the game could be set in South-America, as well as North America. Apparently, the game might just follow a drug-lord story as well as a police-story. Yes: Playable characters on both sides of the law. That’s not all though: These rumors also state that GTA 6 could be taking place across years, if not decades. What was a small element in Red Dead Redemption 2, could thus play a bigger role in GTA VI: Environments might change as the game progresses. Sounds really cool and we would certainly not mind.

The Virginia Rumor

This one is definitely less exciting than the setting mentioned above. Thanks to the Cayo Perico GTA Online Heist trailer, some people are convinced that GTA 6 will be set in Virginia. The reason for that is that the trailer listed coordinates that lead to Virginia when input into Google Maps. More specifically, the coordinates lead to a road that clearly spells out a roman six when looked at from a bird’s view. Curious, curious…

Rockstar definitely didn’t do that for no reason, but a GTA set in Virginia…? We don’t quite see it.

The GTA Vice City Online Domain

Rockstar reactivated its rights to the GTA Vice City domain, as well as a GTAVI domain. The latter shouldn’t be surprising, but the GTA Vice City domain…? That feeds right into the Americas story-rumors and we love it.

The NPC Realism Patent

This one has got us hyped. Rockstar filed a patent. It’s a patent for a so-called ‘system and method for virtual navigation in a gaming environment’. By that, they claim to have found a way to make NPCs in gaming worlds act more realistic. This is coming from the company that already included unprecedented NPC variety in RDR2. Now GTAVI might have even better NPC behavior? Yes, please! Rockstar claims that with this new system, NPCs will now exhibit different driving behaviors, different tastes, different ways of doing things… For example some NPCs might just start speeding based on the car they’re in. Others yet again, might let a police ticket escalate into a car chase. We love hearing that and have no doubt that Rockstar will continue to push the agenda of what we deemed possible in video gaming.

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