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If only tourism was possible...

Ghost of Tsushima Devs Honored as Ambassadors of Real-World Island

ghost of tsushima island
Ghost of Tsushima was one of the best games of 2020. (Credit: Sucker Punch)

Last year's Ghost of Tsushima was a success not just for its developers and fans, but also for the residents of real-world Tsushima Island. For bringing the island into the spotlight, and exploring Tsushima's unique history and heritage, two Ghost of Tsushima directors have now been made tourism ambassadors for life.

Well, wouldn't you love to become an ambassador of an island? What does that mean? Well, it's a ceremonial honor granted by the city of Tsushima in Nagasaki, and is being given to Ghost of Tsushima directors Jason Connell and Nate Fox. The reason? Bringing the island into the spotlight...

tsushima island
Tsushima is one of the most beautiful places in Japan, and has a rich and fascinating history. (Credit: VGC)

The two game directors will be honored in a ceremony, with the city of Tsushima planning on organizing a coordinated tourism campaign with Sony. The problem, though, is obvious. Covid-19. Due to the deadly bugger still raging across the globe, they'll have to be honored online.

This is not such a big problem, though, because once restrictions have lifted, there will be a bunch of gamers wanting to take a trip to Tsushima, and the folks over at Sucker Punch can head over to enjoy their honors in person! After all, they are making Connell and Fix ambassadors, an honor that has been very touching for the talented developers.

Tsushima's Mayor, Hiroki Hitakatsu, even released a statement about the heartwarming affair.

[Fox and Connell] spread the name and history of Tsushima to the whole world in such a wonderful way... Even a lot of Japanese people do not know the history of the Gen-ko period. When it comes to the world, the name and location of Tsushima is literally unknown, so I cannot thank them enough for telling our story with such phenomenal graphics and profound stories.

What a wonderful turn of events, isn't it? We loved Ghost of Tsushima, and it even featured on our Game of the Year list for 2020! We even reviewed the game, and absolutely adored it, so this is pretty special news for us.

It seems that the city of Tsushima wants to host the entire Sucker Punch development team on Nagasaki, to honor them for bringing Tsushima to the spotlight. We think that, along with the promotional campaign with Sony, and the honoring of Fox and Connell, this is absolutely deserved.

Tsushima has been brought into the spotlight since the game's success, with people right across the globe wanting to visit the beautiful and historically significant island. This is no surprise, after the game sold more than 2.4 million copies in just its first three days. Oh, and it ended up being f**king amazing, which helps...


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