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Monthly Game Release Watch | March 2021: Crash Bandicoot on Xbox & Monster Hunter: Rise


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Come one, come all. It's time to dive head-first into another Monthly Game Release Watch. If you're here, it's probably because you love video games, and are keen to find out what's coming next to your favorite consoles and franchises. Well, not every month is special, but something special happens every month, and we are always here to let you know! Thus, we welcome you to EarlyGame's Monthly Game Release Watch! Let's dive in...

Well, well, well, it's time to scoop up the Game Releases from February, and replace them with a new flavor: March Game Releases! This month seems pretty shocking, if we're honest with you, there's really not much happening, and what is happening... is the very definitely of “meh". Perhaps you'll find some salvation in a couple of these titles if you are into games like Monster Hunter: Rise. Enough of that, though, we break down everything you need to know about March in this edition of our Monthly Game Release Watch – hosted by your resident Aussie snark...


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