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Crimson Desert: What is this Korean Masterpiece!? – Gaming Week Recap

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The Game Awards 2020 were lit-lit: Mass Effect, Dragon Age 4 and the unexpected star of the show: Crimson Desert! Oh... and this silver haired guy is coming to smash (pun intended). (Image Credit: Square Enix)

Surprise, surprise: In the week of Cyberpunk's release, we got a lot of Cyberpunk 2077 content for you guys, but that ain't it: The Game Awards Show 2020 came and went and it might've revealed what - honestly - looks like the best game ever: Crimson Desert. I know we all said that about Cyberpunk, but... this Korean game just looks like what every game ever dreamt of being. More, as always, below...

We didn’t get an early copy, but that won’t stop us!

Cyberpunk 2077 reviews are here. Ahead of the game’s release, every major outlet was posting their Cyberpunk review. Everybody except us.

What’s up with that, CD Projekt Red? Where was our early review copy?

Well, no matter: we will not be stopped. In the spirit of ‘one happy family’, we want to share our competitors’ reviews with you, so that you know if the game is worth getting or not.
How is the game being scored? Well...: Watch the video.

What? You thought we were gonna give our selling point away in a mere text? Hah! Clicks, my guys & gals, we want clicks!

We’re gonna fix Cyberpunk 2077 for you. You’re welcome.

So you waited 8 years for Cyberpunk 2077 to finally be released, right? You made it through 2020, this Corona-riddled nightmare of a year, and saw the game being delayed over and over and over again. You’ve been patient. You’ve been eager, you’ve been on edge and now... it is here:

Cyberpunk 2077 was released.

And… it’s unplayable.

BUT: Fret not, fellow gamer, we have the solution. At least, if you’re playing on PC, we do. FPS, Audio issues, game crashes… we got you. If you’re playing on PlayStation or Xbox though... may god help you.


Uhm, so the Game Awards 2020 happened. Naturally, a lot of games were announced:

  • Dragon Age – exciting, yeah, sure. Dragons are always cool.
  • Mass Effect – big surprise, definitely. Love space exploration. Love that.
  • Sephiroth in Smash – Silver hair, leather clothes. Who doesn’t like that?

BUT: There was one announcement. that stood above them all. One game that no one saw coming. Hailing all the way from the Korea everybody likes, this is the game that every game EVER was supposed to be. This is the game that combines Demon’s Souls with Breath of the Wild with Skyrim with Monster Hunter with Star Wars Squadrons. How does the last one even fit in? Nobody knows! Unless you watch our video and find out.

Oh… the game’s name? Crimson Desert, aka: The best game there ever was and ever will be.

Too hype? Nah… we’re still under-selling. Watch the video and you’ll see…

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