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Things You Didn't Know About Esports

Esports tournament

Esports live events is definitely something you should try as the atmosphere is insane. (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Esports is one of the most trending topics on the Internet in the last couple of years. More and more famous people are either playing video games or they started to invest in franchises of their own. Here's a quick list of three facts you probably didn't know about esports.

$34,330,068: The Biggest Prize Pool In Esports History

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, live, or LAN, esports events were blooming and they were attracting more and more sponsors and esports enthusiasts.

By far the biggest esports event in terms of prize, was the 2019 Dota 2 International, which had a whopping $34+ million dished out in prize money.

Esports Betting Is Growing

According to the statistics gathered by Chris Gove, esports bettors have wagered some $12.9 billion so far. As of now, there are over 6.5 million esports bettors and this number is increasing, especially now that certain traditional sports are grounded by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Esports Industry Is Worth a Lot

When you look at this chart by, you can easily notice that esports is a trend that keeps on growing. Everyone who is into analytics will tell you that esports can only get bigger.

Back in 2018, the esports industry was worth $776 million. Fast forward to 2020 and you get a much bigger number. The entire industry grew all the way up to $950 million. Since this niche is appealing to various types of sponsorships, the industry is expected to grow massively to an estimated value of $1.5+ billion by 2023.


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