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The blurry grass looks really cool...

Elder Scrolls 6 Test Footage Leaked?


Elder Scrolls fans are eagerly waiting for any crumb of information about the next installment in the legendary RPG franchise. It seems the first crumb has appeared: test footage for Elder Scrolls 6 is said to have been leaked. What exactly has leaked, though, and what's the deal with it?

This controversy has been talk of the town for the last few days, after a 4Chan leak revealed the first test footage for the Elder Scrolls 6. As soon as the snippet appeared online, gamers pounced in the thousands on this microscopic scoop. Let's see what these vultures have been so obsessed with...

Video taken from 4chan leak, could be map testing of Elder Scrolls 6 from ElderScrolls

Yup... that's it. 10 seconds of blurry grass and rocks... Little bit underwhelming, isn't it? We don't really understand why everyone has been obsessing over this leak, with some fans evening crying out “Fake”. Calm down guys, we are unsure if this is a legit leak, but it's also just grass... so who gives a s**t?

There might be something a little more to those 10 seconds, though, than what might immediately grabs your attention. It has been pointed out by some that the landscape you see here, in all its blurry glory, looks very similar to the landscape from the first announcement teaser. That's true, we suppose, but there's still really not all that much to see in this test footage!

Check out the announcement teaser again, and compare it for yourself...

Some internet detectives also refer to the code you can see on the left side of the footage. Does that confirm this video as an Elder Scrolls 6 leak? Maybe. Unfortunately, we can't say anything more specific, as there is too little information to get out of the realm of speculation.


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Original article written by Faris Delalic.