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The Best Destruction AllStars Characters


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You would think a game called Destruction AllStars would be really metal, but the game is anything but. Colorful, fun, trendy... yeah, that probably describes the game better. The aesthetics made us feel like the old dude with the skateboard going like “Hey, fellow kids”. But..., as long as the gameplay is good, we don’t care.

In Destruction AllStars you play as one of 16 Stars. The cast is more diverse than an aquanaut. You got a father-of-two, a Korean rich kid, a furry, more furries, that weird Brit that wears shorts and a box on his head and many more.

Each character has two abilities and his own unique car. Of course, that means some stars are better than others. And because we at EarlyGame take gaming more seriously than our social lives, we skip the fun exploration parts of the game and tried to find the most stupidly overpowered characters. So here you go, fellow try-hards!

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