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If you don't want to be spoiled, close your eyes quickly!

Spoilers! BlizzCon 2021 Leaks Reveal Everything About Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 & More

blizzcon 2021 leaks diablo 4 overwatch 2
If you want to know in advance what will happen at Blizzconline, stay tuned. (Credit: Blizzard)

BlizzCon aka BlizzConline 2021 doesn't start until Friday, but we already know what will be shown. Some BlizzCon 2021 leaks on Twitter offer us a glimpse at what Blizzard will present during its trade show. Good news for Diablo fans and not so much for Overwatch.

Lately, we've been writing more about BlizzCon and have been able to speculate what will happen at Blizzard's big event through the program, among other things. Now a supposed leak of the Twitter user Kaiser499 suddenly goes steep. The namely reveals everything that will happen at the show.

Diablo 2 Resurrected

It has been known for quite some time that a Diablo 2 remake under the name Diablo II Resurrected is in the works. It will finally be officially announced and maybe even shown at BlizzCon 2021.

Diablo 4

Diablo IV, on the other hand, is supposed to show a new class and a new area from the game. We'll have to wait a little longer for an official release date here. Will the Diablo 2 remake perhaps even come before the new part? Most likely yes.

Overwatch 2

We had already written about Overwatch 2 in detail and hoped that BlizzCon 2021 could finally reveal more about the release date but here, too, we will probably be disappointed. Overwatch 2 will allegedly only show new maps, heroes, and a foretaste of the new lore. Too bad, but better than nothing!

World of Warcraft Classic

At World of Warcraft, we can expect an announcement for WoW Classic. There, the expansion The Burning Crusade will finally be added. Blizzard could even give a concrete release date which might be sooner than we thought. Additionally, there should be a Warcraft Pet Battle Game for smartphones.

Hearthstone Expansion

There will be a new unnamed expansion for the card game Hearthstone. This is hardly surprising when you know how often Blizzard releases new expansions. As with most leaks, just remember they're just that - leaks. The actual BlizzCon event might reveal a lot more than what we're already expecting or it could put out another Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal phones
Hopefully everyone has a phone by now. (Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Hopefully not. Anyway, here is the original tweet that summarizes everything again:


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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.