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Indiana Jones Game for Xbox: Todd Howard & Bethesda working with Machine Games & Lucasfilm Games


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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all: Bethesda just announced an Indiana Jones Game. Yes. We repeat: Bethesda - as in the makers of Skyrim - are working on an Indiana Jones game. Talk about unexpected! No one saw this coming, but everyone is hyped for it now. Unfortunately, the developers already stated that a release date is still far away. We will also not see any gameplay from the Indiana Jones game anytime soon. For now, all we have is a very short teaser that doesn’t say much.

The Indiana Jones game will be developed by Bethesda, Lucasfilm Games and Machine Games and spear-headed by Todd Howard himself. This is great news, because MachineGames did a great job on the Wolfenstein games and Todd Howard is a huge fan of Indiana Jones: Back in September 2020, during a random stream, he had Indiana Jones trinkets in the background. Of course, this sent rumors throughout the internet that Todd Howard was teasing us all along, but no: The man is simply a fan.

So what can we expect from the game? The big question is of course whether Indiana Jones will be an Xbox or Microsoft exclusive? It’s highly unlikely, but never say never, though that would be a shame for a lot of gamers.

The next burning question is what the gameplay will look like. Should we expect something along the lines of Uncharted or Tomb Raider? Should we expect an open-world game in typical Bethesda nature? We would love a mix of the two: An open world with scripted event, that is maybe a little more down to earth than your typical Uncharted adventure. Maybe something along the lines of Monkey Island meets Skyrim meets Witcher 3?

Naturally, we expect to be playing as Indiana Jones, but will we play the established treasure hunter or maybe experience him as an up & comer, aspiring to make a name for himself?

Whatever the case, there can never be enough adventure games and now that Uncharted is seemingly completed and finished, an Indiana Jones game by a reputable developer like Bethesda is perfect to fill the hole. Would be a shame for a lot of gamers, if it is an Xbox exclusive though…

Your move Bethesda, we’re waiting.

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