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Getting Started in Destruction AllStars: The Best Settings for Beginners!


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This might seem understandably weird, but settings are the key to success in most competitive games. Okay, okay, they aren't the only factor, you also need skill and s**t... But they make a huge difference, and you've got to customize your experience to make the most out of your hard-core skills. Destruction AllStars is the perfect example of this, and also super-hot at the moment as it is free on PlayStation Plus! In Destruction AllStars, settings are one of the best tickets to the top.

Hear us out! We know what we're bloody talking about, after all, and maybe you could learn a thing or two. Here are a bunch of great settings that you need to look into, adjust, and optimize to absolutely OWN your opponents. Enough being lame, it's time to grow some wheels! That joke was...just awful. Sorry. Watch our video.


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